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Dan’s TEDx Talk: Find Your Personal Purpose and Take Command of Your Life

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A Message from Dan Gentry

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Welcome to my journey of self discovery, life balance, career success and business creation. This podcast works to answer the question of how successful professionals like us stop drifting, and get focused on keeping our careers and businesses growing rapidly while having a full balanced and vibrant life that we absolutely love, what we call the Third Power Life. And this is the Third Power Life podcast.

How do we create an amazing, fulfilling life in today’s crazy world? That is my passion. I will do all I can to share every secret I have learned over my life with you. Join me on this Quest!

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The Cure for Drifting is a Third Power Life Quest!

There is Power In Purpose

Without purpose, we’re just drifting along. We’re bouncing from job to job, maybe you’re looking for a little more money, or a place that doesn’t quite suck so bad. And yet, we’re not focused on where we really need to go on. We are drifting…

We need to have a solid Purpose. That is the first step to true success…

Not just achievement, but how to have true success! Achievement with fulfillment! That is Purpose. and that is what our Quest class will help you find.

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